COVID-19 Measures

“There are no disadvantages to look positively into the future.”
– missclaralouise

We, the Simonlehner family, would like to tell you about all the important information about your holiday with us. Because of all the beautiful things in our lives, it is our health that matters most.

Gradually we return to “Life before Corona” with further relaxations. Even if the media already report on this, we are still on the number “Safe is safe” and do not implement corresponding relaxations immediately. On the one hand for your safety, on the other hand, additions to the “new relaxations” can be made again and again. We’re just waiting a little bit to beautify your holiday with the best possible and safest mindfulness rules. Freely following the motto “Hiatz woat ma moi, donn schaun ma moi & donn sehn mas eh.” (to German: “Let’s wait, then let’s see and then we’ll see what happens.”)

Cancellation conditions

  • All existing and new bookings in the period 29.05. – 03.11.2020 can be cancelled free of charge up to 14 days prior to arrival.
  • 13 days – 8 days before arrival: 50%
  • 7 days – arrival day: 80%

The following cancellation conditions apply for winter 2020/2021:

  • Cancellation up to 30 days before arrival date: no fees.
  • Cancellation from 29 days – 15 days before arrival date: 40%
  • Cancellation from 14 days – 8 days before arrival date: 70%
  • Cancellation from 7 days – arrival day: 100%

For cancellations of 29 days or more – day of arrival we do NOT guarantee a cancellation fee if the following is available:

  • Corona traffic light of the Austrian Federal Government in the holiday community is on ROT
  • For the home country or the district of the guest a travel warning of level 6 is issued/it is declared a risk area (here we refer to the publications of the Robert Koch Institute)
  • The home country issues a travel warning for the district of Liezen/Styria
  • You or the persons living in the same household were tested positive for Corona at the scheduled start of the holiday (medical certificate must not be older than 48 hours) or a government-prescribed quarantine has not yet been completed at the time of arrival. Here it is for you, as a guest, to submit the document to us for proof.

Further information on the cancellation conditions can also be found in our Terms and Conditions.


  • Our staff at the service & reception we dress not only in brisk costume but also with Face Shields – because we don’t want to give up the smile that you can see.
  • Thorough hand washing and regular disinfection are a matter of course for us even after falling mask duty.
  • Minimum distances are observed.
  • Our employees are aware of the regulations around Covid-19 at all times and take the disease seriously.


  • Mask duty in the hotel. As of Monday, September 21, an MNS obligation will again apply in all premises. Except for seats.
  • Disinfection islands with hand sanitizer gel can be found at all entrances, in the restaurant areas and in front of our elevator.
  • Doorknobs, light switches, are cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals by our employees.
  • Furthermore, all guest areas are ventilated regularly.
  • Those who like to travel by lift can continue to do so. However, please only with his/her travel companion.
  • In the stairwell we ask for correct distance.
  • Rooms are disinfected at the end of the cleaning. On request, room cleaning is required.
  • Invoices can be paid in advance by bank transfer.

If you experience symptoms during your stay, we ask you to stay in the room and let us know about it over the phone. We will then immediately inform the health authority or the official doctor in order to receive further instructions. These instructions must be followed without exception.


  • Mask duty in the restaurant. As of Monday, September 21, an MNS obligation will again apply in all premises. Except for seats.
  • In addition to the MNS obligation, buffets:
    • Disinfect hands with every meal withdrawal (breakfast, afternoon, evening)
    • Keep distance from the guests you don’t spend your holidays with
    • Always stop at the buffet in a family way.
  • We offer 3 restaurant areas as well as our terrace.
  • Disinfection islands as well as the rules of conduct can be found at all entrance areas.
  • Our staff will always show you your table on the day of arrival/arrival evening. On “good luck” where to sit, we ask you not to make.
  • We occupy only every second table in the a la carte area and our tables in the half-board restaurant in such a way that distance rules are always adhered to. Therefore, we ask you not to move blankets.
  • Hotel guests receive their fixed table for breakfast & dinner. We will not place any other guests at this one.
  • Breakfast & dinner are no less in selection and composition. We assure you of that. It just changes the way the buffet is going.


  • at the entrance area you will find a disinfection island.
  • Towels are washed according to the new HACCP guidelines.
  • The seating & lying surfaces in the strombones & in the rest area are disinfected at regular intervals.
  • Since our sauna area is manageable, we ask for mutual consideration. A maximum of 3 people can be seated in each sauna at the same time. Excluded here are families who spend the holiday together.

Forest playground

  • If 22 millionaires are allowed to run together over a football field, then at the Feistererhof Waldspielplatz children can romp and play to their heart’s content. Especially in times after quarantine!

Indoor children’s playroom

  • Don’t forget to wash your hands before and after your visit to the indoor children’s playroom.
  • We ask parents to always accompany their children.
  • For safety reasons, disinfection gel is out of reach of the children. Please reset this to the specified place after use.


  • Our animals are outdoors most of the time. When visiting, you don’t need an MNS.
  • During visits to our stable building, we kindly ask you to observe the distance rules.

Activity program

  • Our guided hikes take place 2x a week. Preferably, the hikes will start from the hotel. Our hotel bus is still available when a tour leads to the Schladminger Tauern, to Filzmoos etc. Instead of 8 guests we will be able to take 5 guests on the bus.
  • Our children’s program with Michaela takes place 3 times a week. Always outdoors to take the most beautiful things from nature and spend a lot of time outdoors.
  • However, we will be happy to inform you in advance or upon arrival.

We always keep an eye on the ongoing developments and are always happy to inform you via our Corona info page (this one), by phone and also by e-mail. So please do not hesitate if you have any questions or are even unsettled about your holiday with us. Likewise, the following websites always offer you a good overview of a safe interaction with each other – especially on holiday.

The most important information about the Corona measures in the hotel can also be found at: Corona Infos for guests

Wash your hands, stay healthy, stay human!

Your Simonlehner family

(We are constantly updating the information on the Covid 19 measures in accordance with the government’s recommendations/guidelines. Current status: 05.10.2020)